About Me


Who am I?

My name is Eveliina Marttisdóttir and I am the owner and founder of Hestbak ehf.


I am originally from Finland and moved to Iceland in 2018. I come from a horse family, so riding and working with horses has always been a natural part of my life. Besides horses, I  graduated from the University of Helsinki as a Lawyer in 2020.

Saddle-fitting has been a part of my life as long as horses have, since in Finland every horse has their own, carefully selected saddle. I spent a summer learning practical saddle fitting in Finland in 2020, have comprehensive education of the equine and rider anatomy through Saddlefit4life Academy and frequently attend seminars and lectures to follow the newest research and information about saddle fitting, saddle design and equine as well as rider anatomy.

Why saddle fitting?

Coming to Iceland and learning that saddle-fitting was not considered important here was a huge shock for me. I did not want to ride my own horses with unfitting saddles, so I decided to look into importing a few quality saddles for myself. Turned out many other people were also interested to get help, and that was the beginning of Hestbak.

My goal is to spread knowledge about saddle fitting, so trainers and riders can help their horses stay healthy and perform on their best level. As it is now, I'm often called to fit saddles to horses who are already injured - these horse have already been in pain for a long time. My goal is that people would start to recognize the signs of ill-fitting saddle much earlier, so they and their horses could enjoy working together.

Many questions regarding saddle-fitting don't have simple answers. The market offers people a lot of options and fancy marketing lines but not much reliable information. I think it is important to offer assistance to people who struggle with these kinds of problems.