In addition to saddles and saddle fitting, I offer training for horses.

Training horses is something I have done for a long time, and I have a lot of experience in it, both with young and older horses. At the moment I work alone, so I don't take young horses for taming, but all horses that are used to a rider are welcome. If you have a horse that needs to learn dressage exercises, or a horse you want to have trained for competitions or a breeding show, don't hesitate to get in touch and we can make a plan. I fit saddles to all horses that I take into training, so a free saddle fitting is included in the prize, if your horse stays in my training for at least one full month. 

Here is an example of my training:


March 2019

I started training this horse in February 2019, so this photo shows more or less the starting point. The energy is not coming from the hind legs to my hand, the horse is unhappy with the rein contact and wants to put her back and withers down to escape the pressure and my aids. 


May 2019

I have been workin with this horse at this point for approximately 3 months. There is obviously still work to do, but the difference from March is very big: she has learned to raise her shoulders and back, moving more uphill than before. The energy of the hind legs is not escaping anymore, but goes through her body into my hand. She is happy with the rein contact and listening to me.

If you are interested in having a horse in my training, please be in touch!